Treasure Hunt

Congratulations to Jake Williams!!! He found the Poke Salad treasure today (Friday) at ~4:15pm off of Hwy 1, close to Doug's Paint and Body Shop, on an electrical box.

Thanks to all that participated, and good luck next year!!

The $1000.00 Poke Salad Treasure Hunt is sponsored by 

Doug's Paint and Body Shop.

Here is how it works:

Simply, find the treasure using the daily clues and acquire a business card from

Doug's Paint and Body Shop and collect your $1000.00.

The Poke Salad Festival Treasure Hunt starts on Monday May 7th, 2018, with

clues being announced daily on television, in the newspaper, on the radio, and

by 8:00 AM here on the Treasure Hunt page. 

Good Luck and Happy Hunting!

Clue #1

With no need to dig, climb, dismantle or park dangerously in Caddo Fire District One,
        think it out and be done. After locating the treasure card and acquiring a business
        card from Doug's Paint and Body Shop, make the call and collect $1,000.00.

Clue #2‚Äč

Throughout the District you can be a purveyor, just don't be a naysayer.

Clue #3

From the Main you can go, no or know.

Clue #4

Within the District it seems, you may encounter many teams.

Clue #5

Make your goal one and look for the team that will make it gleam.