Treasure Hunt

The 2019 Poke Salad Festival Treasure has been found by Kaycee Richards, at the corner of Maple Street and Attaway Street, on sign post, in Blanchard. Congratulations, and thanks to all those who participated.

The $1000.00 Poke Salad Treasure Hunt is sponsored by 

Doug's Paint and Body Shop.

Here is how it works:

Simply, find the treasure using the daily clues and acquire a business card from

Doug's Paint and Body Shop and collect your $1000.00.

The Poke Salad Festival Treasure Hunt starts on Monday May 6th, 2019, with

clues being announced daily on television, in the newspaper, on the radio, and

by 8:00 AM here on the Treasure Hunt page. 

Good Luck and Happy Hunting!

Clue #1

Don't dig, climb, dismantle or enter private property in Caddo Fire District One, see clear and be done. 
    Locate the small treasure card and call, the number while obtaining a Doug's Paint and Body Shop
    business card for your $1,000.00.

Clue #2‚Äč

Without a shot, you may be hot

Clue #3

Sounds may be heard or maybe a bird

Clue #4

Trees run the same but not like a game

Clue #5

From your goal the main can be seen, as you could gallop toward the gleam